The Consensys College Consortium is an organization of university-based Blockchain Clubs & Initiatives fostering the adoption of Ethereum



  • CCC Slack: Connect with other Blockchain clubs around the world to share programming, education, and workshop ideas.
  • Access to the Mesh: ConsenSys' employee population is the epicenter of thought leadership for the Ethereum Blockchain. As a member of the CCC, you'll be able to reach out to us for help at any time.
  • Future Resources: Starting in 2018, we plan to offer further material resources for each club in the ConsenSys College Consortium, including programming support and ConsenSys swag!



  • Education & Adoption: Your blockchain club offers educational workshop and initiatives to further promote understanding and adoption of Blockchain Technology.
  • Practice: Your blockchain club offers its members the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Hackathons, token sale research groups, white paper reading groups, publications, etc.
  • Diversity: Your blockchain club makes an effort to expand its reach to other campus organizations that are underrepresented in technology (women in computer science, underrepresented groups in tech, etc.)