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We’re not just on the cutting edge, we are sharpening it. ConsenSys incubates new companies developing decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. With over 30 projects between product and infrastructure in active development, we are building the technological ecosystem of the future.


ConsenSys believes in decentralization, not just for the technology we develop, but for our employees as well. Our flat organizational structure means that whether you’re an intern or a new grad, you will hit the ground running and make an impact from day one. At ConsenSys, you won't find yourself making coffee or copies. Instead, you’ll be writing meaningful code, collaborating on business decisions, and incubating your own ideas at the world’s leading Ethereum venture studio.


Full time employees enjoy a lot of autonomy at ConsenSys. Across the mesh, we look for self motivated people who are ready to come in with an idea of how they can contribute to the projects they're hired for. Projects are more permeable at ConsenSys than other organizations, leaving people and ideas to move more freely between them.

2018 Consensys summer internship

Our teams are busy at work building the future of identity, financial markets, commerce, the music industry, security and infrastructure, and more. As a ConsenSys intern you will be embedded with one of our product teams and receive 1-to-1 mentorship while making real contributions towards building the Internet of tomorrow. Many ConsenSys interns continue working part-time after their internship period concludes, and nearly all ConsenSys interns go on to do cutting edge work with leading outfits across the blockchain space.

We are primarily interested in hiring programmers, computer scientists and mathematicians, business development and marketing types who are early in their careers or educations. Facility with concepts in blockchains is preferred but not required. A keen interest in cutting-edge technology to decentralize and build a better Internet is expected of all applicants.

The 2018 application period is now closed.

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